You can taste
the crunch

Findus vegetable growers are renowned for their love of the Swedish soil and what it produces; the finest, slow-ripened vegetables, resulting in frozen food unmatched for quality and taste.

Convenience, quality, taste, freshness, words that come to mind when describing our delicious range of vegetable mixes. Responsibly sourced with care for the environment, these frozen foods are a delicious addition to any meal.

If the Asians invented stir-fry, the Swedes perfected it! The Wok range of frozen foods from Findus offers a fusion of exceptional flavours. Quick and easy to prepare with unique ingredients like water chestnut, Chinese mushrooms, Lotus roots and Bamboo shoots. Taste the crunch!

Our uniquely South African range of potato products are sourced from the highest quality potatoes with unique flavours for every tastbud. Perfect to accompany any meal or to be served as a delicious snack for the whole family.
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